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Rotary rubber fender

Rotary rubber fender


Rotating rubber fenders are designed for docks, ro-ro ship docks and other occasions that limit the berthing of ships. The main characteristic of the rotating fender is that when the ship is berthing (contacting), it can rotate and have 20% deformation, absorbing some of its impact energy.

Rotating fender (patented product)

Use and characteristics


Rotating rubber fenders use the rotation and compression deformation (rubber) of the roller to absorb the impact energy of the ship. When the ship is berthing or moving, the rotating fender can adapt to the movement of the hull and rotate, thus ensuring the safety of the wharf and the ship. Rotating fenders are suitable for use in shipyards, docks, ro-ro ship docks, wharf corners and where it is required to limit the direction of movement and berthing speed of the ship.


a. The fender (roller) rotates on the three axes, which can limit and reduce the running speed of the ship, which is beneficial to the safe berthing of the ship;

b. The compression deformation can reach 40%, which is more than double the energy of the traditional rotating fender;

c. Since the rotating fender can adapt to the movement of the hull, the hull and the fender do not produce sliding friction, so it is not easy to damage the hull paint.

Rotating rubber fender specification Performance maximum deformation (mm) Maximum reaction force (KN) Suction energy (KN·M) Reference weight


Z600Φ×200H 125 70 2.5 120

Z750Φ×250H 157 110 4.8 230

Z900Φ×300H 184 150 8.3 410

Z1200Φ×400H 260 270 19.6 980

Z1500Φ×500H 325 430 38.4 1810

Z1800Φ×600H 390 620 66.3 3130

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