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ZC Type Rubber Fender

ZC Type Rubber Fender


Characteristics:Cone Type rubber fenderIsDrum Type Rubber FenderThe third generation of products, the use of conical rubber body and the front steel frame of the new structure design, so that the fender in the case of no increase in the force, Design compression deformation from 52.5% to 70%, to become one of the best rubber fender, its appearance, can make wharf structure design light and reduce the cost of the dock project, is the Super drum rubber fender ideal replacement.

    Cone Type rubber fenderSince the advent of more than 10 years of history, the design of the use of cone-shaped rubber fender has become a new trend of wharf design, representing the new level of pier fender design.

1, compared with the same specifications of super rubber fenders, the absorption energy increased nearly one times.

2, in the product of the reverse force, suction energy close to the case, the use of small specificationsCone Type rubber fenderCan replace the larger size of the td-a Super Drum rubber fender, can use the td-aa800h cone fender instead of the td-a1000h fender, reduces the wharf project cost.

Model specification design compression deformation% inverse force kn suction energy kn M Product height ratio remark

Td-a1000h Super Drum 52.5 445 195 1 standard anti-force type

td-aa800h Cone 70 450 189 0.8 standard Reverse Force type

3. When the ship leans on the berth (10° below), the performance basically does not reduce (better than the td-a).

4, Fender front to set the anti-punching plate (steel frame), thus greatly reducing the impact on the ship side plate surface pressure, according to the need, surface pressure can be controlled under the 25t/m2, particularly suitable for large ships berthing.

5, anti-flush plate in front of the installation of UHMWPE (PE) Paste panel, can reduce the ship and fender friction coefficient (0.2), so that the ship berthing when the shear force (horizontal force) greatly reduced, thereby improving fender life.

6, anti-punching plate is generally used in closed-type structure, high strength, good anti-corrosion performance.

7, because Fender is not directly contact with the ship, it has the advantages of no wear, long life and so on.

Cone Type rubber fenderScope of application:

1, applicable to the requirements of low resistance, high energy absorption terminals.

2, for berthing ships adjacent to the board requirements of low pressure of the wharf especially adapted.

3, suitable for oil terminals, container terminals and other large terminals and open sea berthing.

4. Use Super drum fenders for all occasions.

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