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W-Type rubber fender

W-Type rubber fender


Product Description: The bottom width is smaller, the installation of a row of bolts, particularly suitable for box-type terminals and wharf Upper bank revetment use. The reverse force is moderate, the suction energy is higher than the cylindrical rubber fender. Easy to install and easy to replace. (But there is a flaw in the installation of a poor weak) unit of the Reverse force suction energy in the compression type rubber fender minimum.

Anjin focus on marine Rubber Fenders | PVC Yacht Touch Ball |W-Type rubber fenderWharf Solid rubber Fender production research and development of professional brands.

The production (rubber fender rubber fender) of Jiangsu Jinli Rubber Co., Ltd. is installed on the dock or ship to absorb the collision energy between the ship and the dock or the ship in the dock or mooring, and to protect the ship and the wharf from damage.

The rubber fender produced by Jiangsu Anyang Rubber Co., Ltd. can be divided into two main categories according to the structure: solid rubber fender (non floating type) and floating rubber fender.

Solid rubber fender (non-floating type) is a terminal ship anti-collision equipment which has a long history and wide application. According to the force of rubber fender, it can be divided into shearing type, rotational type and compression type, etc. according to the structure of fender, solid rubber fender can be divided into D-type, cone-shaped, drum-shaped, fan-shaped, rectangular, cylindrical fender and so on.

At present, solid rubber fenders used by the industry standard is "HG 2866-2003 rubber Fender", "GB/t 21537-2008 cone-type rubber fender."

Inflatable rubber Fender The industry standard used in China is "cb-t 3948 Marine Inflatable Rubber Ball" and the international ISO standard iso17357:2002 "high pressure floating pneumatic rubber fenders".

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