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SUC type rubber fender

SUC type rubber fender


1. Increase in energy absorption / reaction force

Compared with ordinary drum rubber fenders, the SUC type rubber fenders have an E/RH value of about 15%. The ordinary drum type rubber fenders have an E/RH value of 0.375 to 0.385, while the SUC super drum type rubber fenders. The E/RH value is generally 0.43~0.44.

2. The structure is more reasonable

Compared with ordinary rubber fenders, SUC super drum rubber fenders are more reasonable in structure. The fenders and flange joints are smoothed, which reduces the stress concentration of the fender roots during compression deformation. The load on the side is more reasonable and the amount of compression on the fender is increased from 47.5% of the normal type to 52.5%.

3. SUC type rubber fenders have the same mounting bolt pitch and bolt holes as ordinary rubber fenders.

4. It has the characteristics of small inclination and berthing effect.

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