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M-Type rubber fender

M-Type rubber fender


Now with the upgrading of marine engineering ship Technology and the popularization of pier collision, we recognize that rubber fender is no longer just a rubber product, but a more holistic, more humane, close to the user's actual needs of the parking anti-collision system assembly. We absorb and develop advanced international rubber fender design and manufacturing technology, accumulated a wealth of rubber fender formula, steel glue, anti-punching plate design and anti-corrosion, accessories application experience, the design and development of Super drum rubber fender (SC), super-arched rubber fender (DA), cone fender (CONE), rotating fender (Toun CELL), M type Fender, cylindrical fender (CY) Marine Platform Jacket Special Fender and color fender (color), and design and optimize with each series of products matching the anti-punching board, veneer panels and other accessories assembly. Access to well-known ports at home and abroad, large-scale central terminals, special large-scale high-speed high-speed rail bridge, marine equipment engineering, ship system and a large number of use and depth of cooperation, has been praised.

Vying thousand sails, by the sea to sail the fen first "to become a first-class rubber fender products suppliers and service providers are the tireless pursuit of Kam, in this, we will be the concept of excellence, leading technology, professional spirit, scientific attitude to support our commitment to repay the user's trust.

Company Product Series:

My company's rubber fender, advanced technical structure, excellent technical performance, and anti-aging, corrosion-resistant strong. Products have standard, low resistance, high resistance, ultra-high force-type; Fender series are: Super Arch Type (DA) type, Super drum type (SC) type, cone type cone CELL, GD type, D type, u type, π type, rotate D type, rotate p type, y type, float type, inflatable type, light gray, luminous, color rubber fender. Welcome to Buy!

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