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GD Type Rubber Fender

GD Type Rubber Fender


GD Type Rubber FenderIt is a kind of deformed product developed on the basis of D-type Fender, the original D-type Fender is in the middle Anchorage, it is easy to cause Fender to fall off when using. Super D-type Fender for the internal-embedded monolithic steel plate, double row Anchorage, plus anchor bolts increased, its anchoring force than the original D-type fenders increased by two bits, the use of the show that its anchorage force to meet the design requirements, by the design and use units welcome.

The design of the GD-type Fender is used in addition to the small wharf, which is used as the terminal two protection (with other fenders), generally for continuous arrangement, and when the ship is not parked properly, avoid direct impact on the wharf.

Characteristics of GD type rubber fender

Because the fender is smaller in the bottom size and has only one row of mounting bolts, it is especially suitable for the frame pier and the upper bank of the wharf.

Easy to install and easy to replace.

ton of rubber (consumption) high energy absorption, but the reverse force is high (unit force suction Energy in the compression type Fender minimum).

GD type rubber Fender kind diagram


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