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Square Type Rubber fender

Square Type Rubber fender


Rubber fender, also known as rubber wood, a type of rubber fender, and other shapes, is installed on the pier or ship, to absorb the ship and dock or ship between the docking or mooring of the collision energy, to protect the ship, the pier from damage.

Chinese name rubber Fender Foreign name Rubber Fender Classification solid rubber fender and floating type rubber fender features large compression deformation, suction energy industry standard "HG 2866-2003 rubber Fender"


1 Introduction

2 classification

3 Characteristics and Applications

4 Standard

Introduction Edit

Rubber Fenders (Rubber FE

Rubber fender (conical, inflatable, AN, UE rubber fender)

Rubber fender (conical, inflatable, AN, UE rubber fender) (6 sheets)

Sünder) also known as rubber wood, is installed on the pier or ship, to absorb the ship and dock or ship between the docking or mooring of the collision energy, protect the ship, the pier from damage.

Category Edit

Usually the rubber fender is divided into two main categories according to the structure: solid rubber fender (non floating type) and floating rubber fender.

Solid rubber fender (non-floating type) is a terminal ship anti-collision equipment which has a long history and wide application. According to the force of rubber fender, it can be divided into shearing type, rotational type and compression type, etc. according to the structure of fender, solid rubber fender can be divided into D-type, cone-shaped, drum-shaped, fan-shaped, rectangular, cylindrical fender and so on.

Floating rubber fenders are free to float in the water, according to the different internal buffer medium can be divided into: inflatable rubber fender, filling type rubber fender.

Inflatable rubber fender is compressed air as the medium, through the compressed air work to consume the impact energy;

Foam-filled fenders, also known as solid polyurethane fenders, are mainly closed-hole foam materials, such as foaming Eva, foaming polyurethane and foaming rubber, etc.

Features and application editing

Solid rubber fender with high energy absorption and reverse force, at the same time Low-cost, long service life, installation and maintenance of simple advantages, is the dock, dock installation more protective devices.

Floating rubber fender is a new type of Fender equipment, the same solid rubber fender compared with its main characteristics are: large compression deformation, suction energy, the reverse force small, self floating, easy to install. Usually used in the ship to the ship (ship to ship), ship to dock (ship to wharf) barge cargo, docking and other occasions; because of its own floating characteristics are particularly suitable for the high tide changes in the dock installation. The filler rubber fender is suitable for application in harsh environment, such as offshore drilling platform, because of its maintenance-free and long life.

Standard editing

At present, solid rubber fenders used by the industry standard is "HG 2866-2016 rubber Fender", "GB/t 21537-2008 cone-type rubber fender."

Inflatable rubber Fender The industry standard used in China is "cb-t 3948 Marine Inflatable Rubber Ball" and the international ISO standard iso17357:2002 "high pressure floating pneumatic rubber fenders". The floating rubber fender is a new product in recent years, and there are no international standards and industry standards.

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