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Marine Rubber Fender

Marine Rubber Fender


Ahn Kam LargeMarine Rubber FenderIt is a kind of ship supplies which play a role in berthing, buffering and protecting. In recent years, with the continuous development and expansion of the shipbuilding industry, thisMarine Rubber Fenderis widely used in ocean shipping, offshore facilities, offshore platforms, port terminals, yachts and other fields.

It is a rubber airtight container made of skeleton material made of hanging glue cord, which is filled with compressed air in the ball and can float to the water surface as an important buffer medium for ship and ship berthing and berthing of ship and bow. At the same time, the inflatable rubber can absorb the impact energy of the ship's motion, reduce the recoil force of the ship, and greatly improve the safety of the ship docking. Ahn Kam LargeMarine Rubber FenderAdvantage

1. The ring on the end flange adopts the embedded welding method, which is more solid.

2. Flange, rings, shackle, chain are all anti-corrosion treatment

3. The use of winding technology to make the ball, strong resistance to pressure; sheath chain all wear rubber hose to protect the sphere

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