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Marine Fenders

Marine Fenders


Marine Rubber FenderProduct Features

High energy, low reaction, there are many types of foaming body.

Low-density foams are softer and produce low reaction forces. The high-density foam is more rigid and can absorb more impact energy. The microcellular structure of the foam contains a lot of tiny bubbles. After several rounds of compression, a balance is reached-this is one reason why it is necessary to re-examine all foam fender performance after at least three full deflection.

Not sinking.

The closed-pore foam structure can avoid the occurrence of punctured accidents. Each closed hole is separate, so the water cannot penetrate the foam. Even after many years of use, the foam core can still return to the factory, to be maintained and reused.

Strong reinforcement

The outer layer is applied at the same time as the reinforcement-this is a unique approach pioneered by goodness. Nylon cord is used for the best angle. A plurality of homogeneous layers can increase the strength, while additional stiffeners are applied to both ends of the force. This operation method has the superiority which the fabric layer methods cannot compare.


Polyurethane elastomer is a kind of spraying application. The result is a high quality uniform outer layer with excellent anti-wear and no trace characteristics, and can choose the color with high performance. There will be no rupture and little breakage. However, if the most serious situation occurs, the upper foam fender can still be used until repairs can be performed.

The two ends are equipped with galvanized rotary rings, and the central steel structure with high tensile strength is connected.

All common surface-supported buoys are made of elastic, closed polyethylene foams around the central steel and are enclosed in sturdy, wearable polyurea surfaces. The core of polyethylene instead of the traditional polyurethane can ensure that when the surface is damaged, the buoy will not sink, because it will not inhale water, so can prolong service life, reduce maintenance costs. The high energy absorption of this elastic material can protect the buoy itself.

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