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Y-Type rubber fender

Y-Type rubber fender


Y-Type rubber fenderCharacteristics:

1, compared with the general compression type rubber fender, the floating fender is characterized by its floating performance and not affected by the tidal range.

2, compared with inflatable rubber fender, the use of no need to check inflatable, with maintenance-free;

3, there is no risk of blasting, with safety;

4, the use of the company's patented products, can exert a variety of colors, products beautiful, marked;

5, the use of flange connection, installation (mobile) convenient;

Scope of application:

1, dock, marine fender

(1) applicable to the gravity type (pier type) wharf, especially the tidal range large wharf use;

(2) As the ship's fender, the choice of floating fender is the most ideal;

(3) In the typhoon season, when the ship can not be towed away from the wharf, the large floating fender as a contingency measure, showing great power;

(4) When there is a ship accident, dock protection device (fixed type rubber fender) damage, floating fender as a wharf protection spare, can be urgently activated, so that the loss of production to minimize.

2. Pier Fender

The ship Collision Channel Pier is not uncommon, in recent years people are seeking an ideal protective device, that is, when the ship collided with the pier, the pier and the ship are protected from damage; large floating fenders are designed and manufactured for this need and can be used individually or in protective systems with other protective devices. , the pier and the ship can be protected from damage by using the Fender's resistance from small to large and highly absorbing properties.

Rubber Fender Products manufactured by Jiangsu Anyang Rubber Co., Ltd., advanced technology structure, excellent product performance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, wide application, long service life and so on. Rubber Fender Products: da type, D type, GD type, SC type, SA type, V, y, u, W, cone, arch, rotational, luminous, color, light gray and other marine rubber Fender series; The ship column has 50KN to 2000KN: A variety of specifications models single head, double head, Single-column, double column, cast iron, Cast steel and other materials model of the ship column; its product performance and quality in accordance with the Chinese People's Republic of hg/t2866-2003 standards of the requirements of processing production. High-quality products not only in the country well received, in the national market also sounded praise, products have been exported to the United States, Singapore, Brazil, India, North Korea, Brunei, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.

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