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Double column bollard

Double column bollard


Product introduction: The bollard is designed and selected according to the berth capacity and the structure of the wharf to meet the requirements of safe, reliable and convenient operation of the ship's docking, berthing, mooring and turning. The bollard consists of a casing, a bolt, a nut, a washer, an anchor plate, and a core packing. The bollard is divided into cast iron (HT200) and cast steel (ZG230-450), double-head and single-head, and the double-head is also called double-column bollard. Specification: 50KN-2000KN.


The bollard consists of a casing, a bolt, a nut, a washer, an anchor plate, and a core packing.

Classification and use

Bollard general ship system bollard manufacturer manufacturer bollard size wharf bollard stainless steel bollard floating bollard production system bollard common bollard storm system bollard test system bollard system bollard is installed A facility for ship mooring in the superstructure of the wharf. The bollard is generally made of a metal material and is named because it has a column shape. The bollard is divided into cast iron (HT200) and cast steel (ZG230-450). Specification: 50KN-2000KN According to the application, there are common bollards, storm bollards, test bollards, etc. The position of the center of the common bollard is generally about 0.5 to 0.8 meters from the front line. It is too close to be easily hit by the ship when it is separated from the ship. It is not safe for the cable operation; too late, it hinders the loading and unloading of machinery and damages the cable. For armored and ship repair terminals, because the front edge has facilities such as electrical boxes, it is required that the bollard is slightly farther from the leading edge line, about 0.8 to 1.0 meters. The storm bollard is used for the tethering of the ship during the storm and is usually located at the rear of the wharf. Some ports have little chance of suffering from typhoons, or ships that do not shelter from the wind during high winds, so there are no storm bollards; in some ports, in order not to hinder the operation of loading and unloading transport machinery, there is no storm bollard behind the pier. Increase the size of the common bollard so that it can be used in high winds.

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