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According to the relevant design specifications of the ship hook and the horizontal force detection specification of the port pile foundation, for the actual situation of the 350kN single-faced damper bollard, a simple and practical detection method is used to verify the design value of the mooring force of the bollard; The horizontal displacement of the bollard under the action of the mooring force is obtained, which provides engineering basis for the use of relevant units.

The square type bollard bollard is designed and selected according to the berth capacity and the wharf structure type, which meets the requirements of safe, reliable and convenient operation of the ship from docking, berthing, mooring and turning. The bollard consists of a casing, a bolt, a nut, a washer, an anchor plate, and a core packing. The bollard is divided into cast iron (HT200) and cast steel (ZG230-450), and the specification model is 50KN-2000KN.

In this paper, in order to ensure the mooring safety when the ship is over the gate, the characteristics of the floating type ship hook should be familiar with the maintenance of the floating type ship column in time. Therefore, to achieve the purpose of ensuring the safe crossing of the ship, the indoor high water level) 1. The role of the floating bollard in the ship lock

After sales service:

1. Three guarantees are applied to the products sold. During the three-package period, if there are problems caused by the quality of the products, the factory repairs, replaces, and returns. For the problems caused by other reasons, the factory actively assists users in solving problems. In order to ensure that the products are put into operation in time, the accident losses are reduced to a low level.

2, the installation and commissioning of major equipment, on-site technical services by the deputy chief engineer-led technical experts bring their own on-site service to solve various problems of users. Key projects are stationed at the construction site.

3. After the company's products arrive at your office, the technicians will be responsible for assisting in the installation and commissioning work.

4. Actively cooperate with users to do a good job in on-site operation and maintenance management of products, and provide spare parts and accessories for our products at any cost to users at any time.

5. Adhere to the principle of quality first and customer first, and listen to the call of the user at any time. When on-site service is required, our factory guarantees to reply within 24 hours after receiving the user notice, and reaches the scene within 72 hours. Fast transportation arrived within 32 hours.

6. If the equipment has quality problems within the scope of maintenance, the company is responsible for free maintenance and arrives or responds within 2-5 hours after receiving the user's call. With the rapid development of China's economy, the ship is becoming larger and larger, the navigation density is increasing, and the safety of the bollard structure is also more important. The mooring force of the bollard is not only related to the ocean factors such as wind, wave and current, but also depends on the size of the ship, the type of ship, the load, the type of fender, the way of mooring, and the depth of the berth. Therefore, before the bollard is officially used, the mooring force is detected and the structure of the mooring hook is analyzed .

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