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  • Rubber Fender Import and export trade...


    Rubber Fender industry, the annual material consumption is very large. China is the largest importer of more than 70 rubber-importing countries and regions in Vietnam, and the status will continue to be maintained this year.
  • Solid polyurethane floating rubber fe...


    Solid polyurethane floating fenders, also known as foam-filled rubber fenders, is a floating fender system that uses lightweight, highly resilient foam as a buffer medium, better than inflatable fenders, and is widely used in ports, offshore, and ship-by-boat operations.
  • The main application category and app...


    Some of the anchorage bolts of rubber fender are designed to reflect the changing conditions, but they are often not ideal in practical application. The original design of the rubber fender is the repair and change of the easy anchorage bolts, but it cannot be changed in practice because of the rust of the iron and the deformation of the bolt, which affects the fixed quality of the rubber fender, and the formation of the rubber fender is scattered and broken.
  • What are the characteristics of aging...


    In fact, the yacht by the ball and other marine rubber fender has been widely used in the days, especially about the kind of close to the seaside area, but also can be high frequency to see the yacht by the ball, in fact, about the whole yacht by the ball, the country's shipping industry can play an appropriate role, Especially in the protection, but also its ships carry the equipment, but the yacht depends on the use of the ball after a long time will be aging, then the yacht depends on the ball of rubber aging what characteristics?
  • China rubber fender industry influenc...


    China's current shipbuilding industry such as rubber fenders not only produces and produces various tools for the marine transportation and marine resources development industry on the one hand, but also is one of the major providers of naval equipment in China. On the other hand, Very high strategic position.
  • Rubber Fender Manufacturers teach you...


    In the production of marine inflatable fenders, its quality of production is what we value, because in the process of our use, the quality of these fenders is very good, if there is no reliable quality, will give us a great impact on the use of bonded work is the production of marine fenders we need to carry out, Bonding technology will also have a great impact on the quality of marine inflatable rubber Fender, so let's get to know the bonding technology of marine inflatable fenders, and how to make the boat with inflatable rubber fender production better.
  • The quality of Y-type rubber fender d...


    The construction and production of Qinhuangdao Coal Wharf in international power port, the quality of rubber fender has restricted the utilization of production berth, disturbed the safety of wharf and ship pilotage, and affected the timing of ship dispatching. The cause of the damage of rubber fender is not only an occasional incident and operation problem, but also a deep theoretical origin, which should be dealt with in the first place in the selection of rubber fender planning and raw material production to analyze the best countermeasures. The Port Authority has held a series of seminars on this issue, and the author intends to discuss the inner and outer extension of the planning and application of the rubber fender, in the context of the new engineering study and the further improvement of the quality and selection of the rubber fender in Qinhuangdao port.