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    Rubber fenders are widely used in navigation and are also very useful and are divided into many types, such as cylindrical rubber fenders, semi-circular (D-type) rubber fenders, drum rubber Fender, boat inflatable ball, etc., and what role do they have? What is the scope of application? Let's take a look at it together.
  • Structural features and scope of appl...


    Each rubber fender has its own different characteristics and benefits as well as its scope of application. I will introduce it to you below. 1) Cylindrical rubber fender: low characteristic reaction force, small surface pressure and reasonable suction energy; when berthing, the ship's roll and pitch adaptability is not affected by the size of the ship, and the installation is convenient and convenient. Suitable for old-fashioned terminals.
  • What are the requirements for the pro...


    The rubber fenders of the same specification type are mainly determined by the quality of the rubber compound. In order to ensure the mechanical properties and performance of the rubber fender, a good natural rubber should be used with a natural rubber content of more than 55%.
  • Rubber Fender International Standards...


    A few days ago, the reporter interviewed the NPC deputy, the director of the National Rubber Fender and Tire Engineering Technology Research Center. When he saw him, he smiled, like Beijing's clear sky, and sat down for interviews despite the fatigue of the journey. This time he proposed a "Proposal on Accelerating the Application and Application of RFID Technology in China's Tire Products." To put it simply, it is to use a chip of a few dollars on the tires, which can be used to collect the quality of the tires and the driving on the road to ensure the quality of the tires and ensure safe and fast traffic. Moreover, this is a successful research and development in China and has successfully opened up the international market.
  • Technical experts tell you how to ins...


    Rubber fender is a kind of anti-collision device made of rubber material. It is widely used in docks. It has been widely used in our terminals and ports since the 1970s. Rubber fenders typically have a service life of only 10 years due to frequent collisions and natural ageing of the rubber. However, the port and port have a service life of more than 10 years, so the port and port must be replaced with rubber fenders during use. At present, the most common way to replace rubber fenders is to replace them with D-type rubber fenders. At the same time, there are many small and medium-sized terminals below 3000t, such as Haikou Port, which are replaced with waste tire anchor chain suspension fenders.
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    In general, rubber fenders are used in places such as boats and docks. This is a material that protects ships. It can be used to ensure that they are not damaged. What are the properties of rubber fenders? Tell us about it.
  • Why Anjin rubber fenders can be the f...


    Rubber fenders, also known as rubber fenders, are installed on docks or ships to absorb the collision energy between the ship and the wharf or the ship during landing or mooring to protect the ship and the pier from damage. Rubber fender classifications Rubber fenders are generally classified into two broad categories depending on the structure: solid rubber fenders (non-floating) and floating rubber fenders.
  • The quality of the daily maintenance ...


    The daily maintenance of rubber fenders is also a task with a relatively large workload. This kind of maintenance task is complicated in construction and has a long cycle. For example, the production and installation of steel glue mixing fenders of Laobaidu berth is generally suitable for outer packaging. Because of the project's production and installation process, it takes a long time to vacate the dock berth. With this method, the company's planning and production scheduling departments must undergo careful research and arrangement, based on the production capacity and production tasks of the company's various terminals, overall coordination, balance, and local scheduled stop production.
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    Marine rubber fenders have many advantages. No matter what kind of advantages, the value of their own marine rubber fenders is very large. Let's analyze the existence of marine fenders. Great advantage.
  • Definition and application of solid r...


    Rubber fenders are commonly found in industrial production. They can be divided into two categories according to their structure: solid rubber fenders (non-floating) and floating rubber fenders. Solid rubber fender (non-floating type) is an anti-collision device for dock ships with a long history of application and a wide range of applications. According to the force of the rubber fender, it can be divided into shear type, rotary type and compression type. According to the structure of the fender, the solid rubber fender can be further divided into D type rubber fender, cone type, drum type, sector shape and rectangle. , cylindrical fenders, etc.
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