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What are the basic properties of carbon black in marine rubber fenders?
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-11-07

The basic properties of marine rubber fenders are mainly structural, particle size and surface properties. They have a very important influence on the process performance and reinforcing effect of rubber.

1. The structural nature of marine rubber fender carbon black refers to the form of carbon black. At the same time that carbon black is formed in a high temperature region that is not completely burned, the particles are chemically combined to form a three-dimensional aggregate, that is, a primary structure of carbon black. Generally, the primary structure of carbon black is less susceptible to damage during the processing of rubber. When two or more aggregates are agglomerated into a loose structure by the van der Waals force, that is, the secondary structure of carbon black. Therefore, the structure of carbon black includes a primary structure and a secondary structure.

2. The particle size of marine rubber fender carbon black refers to the size of primary particles in single-particle carbon black or aggregate. The average particle size of carbon black for rubber is generally between 11 and 500 nm. The smaller the particle size of carbon black, In the unit mass or unit volume, the total surface area of the carbon black particles, that is, the larger the specific surface area of the carbon black, the larger the contact area between the carbon black and the rubber.

3. Surface properties of marine rubber fender carbon black include surface roughness and surface chemistry. Surface roughness refers to the presence of micropores from a few nanometers to a few nanometers on the surface of carbon black particles, which is formed by the erosion of high temperature oxidizing gases during the formation of carbon black.

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