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Rubber Fender International Standards China has made great efforts to eliminate backward tire production capacity
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2019-01-07

A few days ago, the reporter interviewed the NPC deputy, the director of the National Rubber Fender and Tire Engineering Technology Research Center. When he saw him, he smiled, like Beijing's clear sky, and sat down for interviews despite the fatigue of the journey. This time he proposed a "Proposal on Accelerating the Application and Application of RFID Technology in China's Tire Products." To put it simply, it is to use a chip of a few dollars on the tires, which can be used to collect the quality of the tires and the driving on the road to ensure the quality of the tires and ensure safe and fast traffic. Moreover, this is a successful research and development in China and has successfully opened up the international market.

Speaking of this, we have to talk about a background. On February 22, 2017, the US International Trade Commission determined that the truck and bus tires imported from China did not pose a substantial damage or damage to the industry in the United States. The US Customs will not impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties on truck tires imported from China.

The cancellation of the "double opposition" by the United States is undoubtedly the gospel of the Chinese tire industry, but this does not mean that the general trend of the Chinese market for rubber fenders and tires "double anti-reverse" has been fundamentally reversed, not to mention China's tire industry. The status quo of low-cost and low-quality marketing has been changed for a long time.

There is always a long-term solution. The solution is to use RFID electronic tag technology in the tires to achieve three “favorable”, which is conducive to the country to strengthen the quality supervision of tire products, especially export tire products, which is conducive to consumers to identify the quality of products and promote the promotion. China's tire companies pay attention to product quality, thereby standardizing the development of the tire industry and promoting the production capacity optimization and transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Fortunately, the four international standards for RFID electronic tags for tires were drafted by Qingdao Soft Control Co., Ltd., and many organizations and organizations from around the world participated in the drafting. On October 6, 2015, the four international standards were formally established in ISO, and then the ISO/TC31/WG10 (International Organization for Standardization/Tyre, Rim and Valve Technical Committee/RFID RFID tags for tires) working group was formally established. The group consists of 43 experts from 9 countries including China, France, the United States, Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy (the top three tire companies in the world, such as Michelin of France and Bridgestone of Japan). Among them, the official global kick-off meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium on July 11-13, 2016.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag for tires, radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag implantation method for tires, radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag test method for tires, radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag coding for tires, 4 standards, early In April 2014, it was included in the first batch of industry standard revision plan (focus) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2014. On January 15, 2016, the four industry standards were officially approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and officially implemented on July 1, 2016.

Let's listen to the academic explanation of the director's representative. The application of the RFID electronic tag for tires can provide a data carrier for the grade identification of green tire products in China. The grade data is written into the tire tag to realize the tire level data tied in the whole life cycle of the tire. Fixed, with tires for life. At the same time, RFID technology provides an effective data trace carrier for each tire and rubber fender , making the tire smarter, supporting tire networking and vehicle networking construction. Combined with tire TPMS, it can monitor tire temperature and pressure data in real time. The driver of the car keeps abreast of the condition of the tire during use, thus effectively reducing safety accidents.

Science and technology bring about the improvement of the quality of life, and it is of great significance to promote it well, which is related to the face and image made in China. By making all kinds of rubber fender products into high-tech, we can gradually shape the excellent image and imprint of Chinese-made Chinese quality. Tires have a huge market. In the Internet age, tires must be spiritual in order to go further. Yuan Zhongxue said with confidence: "The tires are collected and recorded by the RFID electronic tag and the data of the green tires and the green tire grades are authentic and reliable. It can effectively monitor the quality and life cycle of the tire products and eliminate the backward tires. Production capacity, use high-quality green tire products in the international and domestic markets to build product brands and realize the upgrading and development of China's tire industry."