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The latest interpretation of the bonding technology of marine inflatable rubber fenders
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-11-14

When producing marine inflatable rubber fenders , its quality of production is our priority, because in the process of our use, the quality of these rubber fenders is very high. If there is no hard quality guarantee, it will give us the later The use of the bond has a great impact. Bonding work is a technique that we need to carry out when producing marine fenders. The quality of the bonding technology will also have a great impact on the quality of marine inflatable rubber fenders . Let's take a look at the bonding technology of marine inflatable rubber fenders . How can we make the marine inflatable rubber fenders better?

In the manufacturing process of rubber adhesive articles, the mutual bonding and bonding between the components and the components is extremely common. The bonding between the unvulcanized rubbers is generally carried out by thermal bonding, because the rubbers generally have good bonding properties when heat-bonded, and the calendering and extrusion process of the semi-products can be heat-bonded to the inflatable rubber fenders. The rubber parts are combined. When bonding at room temperature, it is necessary to use a solvent to coat the bonding surface of the compound to remove surface impurities and ensure the bonding effect. For adhesives with poor bonding properties, the adhesive must be applied before bonding. Generally, the natural rubber compound has good self-adhesiveness and is easy to be shaped and processed. The synthetic rubber compound, especially the non-polar synthetic rubber compound, has poor self-adhesiveness and is difficult to bond, and must be appropriately modified, such as introducing a resin into the molecular chain or Adding a polar resin to the rubber throw can improve its bonding performance.

Not only does the above bonding knowledge require us to understand, but we also need to know that certain components such as plasticizers in the compound formulation are easily migrated to the surface and also affect good contact between the interface molecules. These factors are not conducive to the formation of the transition layer of the bonding interface, thus affecting the bonding effect, which affects the quality of marine inflatable rubber fenders . Therefore, for the marine inflatable rubber fender manufacturers, the selection of adhesives is emphasized. And bonding technology is very important.