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Anjin Rubber Company talks about the advantages of marine rubber fenders
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-11-10

Marine rubber fenders have many advantages. No matter what the advantages, the value of their own marine rubber fenders is very large. Let's analyze the existence of marine fenders. Advantage.

Marine rubber fenders have many advantages. No matter what the advantages are, they have many advantages over marine rubber fenders , no matter what they exist and the shipbuilding industry itself. The value is very significant. First of all, the marine fender itself has a lot of floating performance. The location of the installation is not affected by the tidal range, and for this, many marine fenders can do this. For marine rubber fenders , no inspection or inflation is required during use. It is maintenance-free.

Safe and reliable, there is no danger of blasting. Has a good energy absorption performance. The specifications of the products themselves need to be manufactured according to their own requirements, which is also the largest production specification in rubber fenders. The exterior of the ship's fender can be applied in a variety of colors. 7. The chain itself is also very simple to install.

For the use of marine rubber fenders , the points mentioned above are common advantages. I think you have a personal understanding of this content through the introduction of this article, and you can better use it later. use.