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What is the special design of the gangway type rubber fender?
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-11-13

Rolling rubber fenders are planned for docks, ro-ro ship docks and other occasions where the berthing of the restrained ships is offset. The primary characteristic of tumbling rubber fenders is that when the ship is berthed (contacted), it can be tumbled and deformed by 20% to absorb some of its impact energy. Uses: Rolling rubber fenders use the rolling and shrinking deformation (rubber) of the roller to absorb the impact energy of the ship. When the ship is berthing or moving, the tumbling rubber fender can move the hull and tumbling, then ensure the dock and the ship. Safety. Rolling rubber fenders are suitable for use in shipyards, docks, ro-ro ship terminals, wharf corners, and applications where the direction of movement and berthing speed of the ship are required.


a, the fender (roller) tumbling on the three axes, can restrain and reduce the working speed of the ship, which is conducive to the safety of the ship;

b, the tightening deformation can reach 40%, more than double the energy of the traditional tumbling rubber fender ;

c. Since the tumbling rubber fender can roll due to the movement of the hail hull, the hull and the fender do not have sliding friction, so it is not easy to damage the hull paint.