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Rubber fender industry should enhance brand awareness and develop patent technology
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-10-07

If companies want long-term development that requires brand awareness and patented technology, these can even make companies become the leader in the economic field. For example, in China's rubber fender industry market, the disorderly competition in the domestic rubber fender equipment market and the slow update of industry products, the long technology upgrade cycle is the key to restricting the development of the rubber fender industry, how to form brand awareness and enhance Technology to counter the competitive pressure of domestic and foreign producers is a problem that companies have to face.

Brand awareness can promote the sale of rubber fenders for products, monitor and guarantee the value of products, achieve economies of scale, and ensure that the company continues to grow and continue to grow. Patent technology is a cutting edge for enterprise development. As an important part of intellectual property, it plays a vital role in the development of enterprises. Establishing and improving the patent strategy is the core of enterprises in the domestic and international market competition. The necessary means of competitiveness.

Where there are famous brand products, where the economy has vitality. Anjin Rubber Co., Ltd. has done a very good job in this respect. The company's D-type rubber fenders , super drum rubber arcs, SU-type rubber fenders and other products have been rated as patented products. In terms of patent technology, the company continued to strengthen its investment in technological innovation, and trained a group of professional underwater rubber fenders to install frogmen and obtained a utility model patent certificate. Innovation and technology are also very important in other products. In return, the company's annual economic benefits are far ahead in the province, and the economy has developed rapidly and steadily.

Therefore, the rubber fender industry should increase independent innovation, establish core competitiveness, establish brand image, and develop some new technologies to drive the company's rapid development.