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How to remedy if the inflatable rubber fender leaks
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-10-23

After the gas-filled rubber fender leaks, we generally have to do the following treatments: post: find a place that can support the jack, the pressure request vulcanization plate reaches 8-16kg per square centimeter pressure (such as length 50cm width 15cm request pressure 6 tons) To 12 tons), deflate the rubber fenders that need to be repaired, flatten the repairing parts, clean them, evenly apply the glue, and stick the three layers of the plys together to the straight line with the damaged line of the fender. Compact and covered with a cloth or paper (to avoid bonding with the iron plate).

Heat the iron plate evenly and measure the reverse side of the iron plate to 160 °C with a thermometer to stop the heating. At this time, the temperature of the iron plate will continue to rise, and the temperature will drop to 170 °C (2cm iron plate drops to 175 °C). Press the surface to the rubber fender of the paved material. The repaired data should not exceed the area of the iron plate. Put the jack on the iron plate and pressurize 8-16kg/cm. When the temperature of the iron plate drops to 60 °C or normal temperature. , you can remove it, check the post is firm, then you can use it.

The main reason for the leakage of the inflatable rubber fender is the cold-adhesive method of the hole caused by the collision or exemption of the sharp object during the application process: preparing the elastic mature rubber plate such as the inner tube of the car, grinding and rushing, and damaging the leaking place for the same treatment, using the post A high-strength, water-resistant adhesive that can be pressed and compacted.