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Characteristics of D-type rubber fenders and their parameter specifications
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-09-21

In the construction of the ship industry or dock rubber fenders, there are many types and classifications of fenders encountered, the parameters are complex and the functions are different. This allows many users, many to choose the appropriate fender according to the construction site, today we will introduce the application characteristics and parameter specifications of the D-type rubber fender .

D-type rubber fender features

1. The reaction force and energy absorption are moderate;

2, light weight, installation and maintenance;

3, the bottom width is small, suitable for framed docks;

D-type rubber fender performance

Bottom reaction type high reaction type supply and demand sides negotiated

D300H×1000L 300 12.1

D300H×1500L 450 18.2

D300H×1500L 450 18.2

D300H×1500L 450 18.2

D400H×1000L 382.6 19.6

D500H×1000L 460 31.4

D500H×1500L 690 47.1

Note: Performance tolerance: ±10%