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Discussion on project management of W-type rubber fender repair project in Qingdao Wharf
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-08-16

Abstract: In view of the lack of experience and management of W-type rubber fender repair construction project management personnel, through the implementation of a certain project, the effective management methods and measures adopted by the project were discussed, and the construction project was elaborated respectively. The management system adopted has been the management focus and precautions in terms of quality control measures, etc., with a view to guiding the construction unit to improve the project management level.
Key words: Qingdao port engineering; rubber fender ; specific type W rubber fender ; construction quality management, and management of the poor phenomenon, through a combination of engineering project, the paper discusses the engineering project Take the effective management of the methods and measures, respectively, expounds the construction project management system has been taken by the quality control measures in the management of focus and attention to direct the construction unit improve project management level.
Key words: port engineering; project management; management system; quality control

This project is a heavy piece. The main content of the project is the removal of 139 W-shaped rubber fenders from the existing heavy-duty wharf, including 126 rubber fenders with a length of 1 m and W-shaped rubber fenders with a length of 2 m. Articles; 152 pieces of fender pressure plate were removed; 304 sets of stainless steel chemical anchors for fender platens were removed; 139 pieces of damaged W-type rubber fenders were installed at the heavy-duty wharf, and 126 pieces of W-type rubber fenders with a length of 1 m were installed. There are 13 W-shaped rubber fenders with a length of 2 meters; 152 pieces of fender pressure plates are installed; 304 sets of stainless steel chemical anchors for F30×300 fenders are installed, with an implantation depth of 280 mm. Based on the actual characteristics of the project, a practical and feasible quality assurance plan is formulated to ensure that the quality of the project is qualified and strives for excellence. At the same time, in line with the principle of not grasping before, the company's schedule is to complete all the projects within the tender before March 30, 2009, organize labor, materials, machinery and equipment, and coordinate the relationship between the parties to ensure The realization of the total duration.
Engineering Quality Control Management This W-type rubber fender project will also strictly follow this quality policy to organize engineering construction and quality management, and take effective measures in the project quality control management system and quality control in engineering construction.
2.1 Engineering Quality Control Management System This project strictly guides the construction according to the provisions of the bidding documents and the construction acceptance specifications, operating procedures and engineering quality inspection and evaluation standards promulgated by the State, and establishes various management systems and management methods to ensure quality in light of the actual situation. The main effective quality control is as follows:
(1) Adhere to the implementation of the “three hundred percent” technical management system. That is, the design drawings shall be reviewed, and the unaudited design drawings shall not be delivered; the plan shall be approved, and the unapproved plan shall not be constructed; the technology shall be submitted to the bottom, especially before the construction, the technical delivery shall be carried out in detail, and the W-type rubber fender construction shall be carried out. The key points and quality standards are written in various forms, so that everyone knows.
(2) The quality inspection engineer shall carefully carry out the inspection of the construction quality and anti-pollution measures of each process according to the construction tasks and quality requirements. After each process in the construction is inspected according to the requirements of the technical standards, the construction of the next process can only be carried out after the approval of the owner's representative, so that the entire project is always under control.
(3) Strictly implement the “three-check system” system for the quality of W-type rubber fenders , that is, the self-inspection of the team, the re-inspection of the operation team, the final inspection by the quality inspection department of the project department, and the inspection by the owner of the quality inspection department of the project department. acceptance. It is strictly forbidden to enter the next process without the acceptance or acceptance of the owner. At the same time, the quality month and weekly meeting system will be implemented for the project. The Quality and Safety Department will be responsible for organizing and holding regular quality production monthly meetings and weekly meetings to summarize and deploy the quality work.
(4) Establish a quality assessment system for the W-type rubber fender repair project, regularly assess the construction quality, establish a model project, and timely feedback the project quality information, and use the assessment results as the basis for quality rewards and punishments. At the same time, the project quality "one-vote veto system" was implemented. That is, any construction management personnel, quality inspection personnel, and operators have the right to stop the construction plans, methods, and behaviors that violate the quality requirements.
(5) Adhere to the measurement and test system. Focus on re-testing and measurement records, check and test raw materials and construction processes to ensure construction quality.
(6) The original record and project document management system was established throughout the construction phase of the W-type rubber fender repair project. Accurately accumulate engineering archives and materials in a timely manner, so that the compilation and archiving of engineering materials is synchronized with the progress of the project.