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The cross-river bridge wearing rubber fender "anti-collision clothing" became the world's first
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-08-17

Rubber fenders are important safety protection devices for port terminals and ships. They are used to absorb energy and cushion impact forces when there is a bump or impact between ships or between ships and docks. In the early stage, the rubber fenders were generally replaced by scrap tires. With the development of the ship transportation industry, the requirements for the fenders also improved, showing professional fenders and formulating corresponding skill and function specifications [1] . The mechanical functional skill index of the fender includes the maximum tightening reaction force and absorbed energy of 50% compression deformation rate. The function index of the small fender (height <500 mm,="" 50%="" tightening="" deformation=""><250 mm)="" can="" be="" in="" the="" electronic="" on="" the="" material="" testing="" machine;="" for="" the="" large="" fenders="" (height=""> 100 mm ~ 2 500 mm), the test requirements of the functional indicators will tighten the rubber fenders by more than 100 mm, and the corresponding load-deformation curves are recorded.

The general inductive or differential transformer displacement sensor range can not meet the requirements, grating, circular grating, magnetic grid or capacitive grid displacement sensor is expensive, for this reason, this paper proposes a simple large displacement measurement method - straight line -The corner-resistance-voltage measurement method, using this principle to produce a cheap sensing device with a certain measurement accuracy. On this basis, a set of computer test system suitable for testing the mechanical function of large rubber fenders was developed and used. Product quality testing of related companies.

Under the safe maintenance of the sea patrol boat, the north pier of Jiangsu Runyang Bridge “wears” the rubber fender “anti-collision maintenance clothing”, which can prevent five thousand stewed ships from bumping. On the two water bridge piers of the Beijiao Bridge of Runyang Bridge, a huge anti-collision retaining ring with a diameter of 3 meters was installed. In addition to the previous construction equipment, the four water piers of the Runyang Bridge have been fully equipped with protective rings.

The cross-river bridge has always been the focus of water traffic safety supervision in the maritime sector. The Runyang Bridge Beibei Bridge is located in the Yangtze River Yizheng Waterway. The daily average upward traffic flow of the navigable waters is basically more than five or six hundred ships.
In the future, when the bridge is completed, the four piers in the Lijiang River have always been in the state of no anti-collision equipment. From 2009 to 2010, after the Ministry of Communications launched the special management activities of “two defenses” (anti-collision and anti-leakage), The Yangbei Bridge was listed as the “object of accidents” by Yangzhou Maritime.
Under the repeated urging of Yangzhou Maritime, Runyang Bridge Development Co., Ltd. carried out repeated investigations and demonstrations and raised funds for the construction of anti-collision equipment for the bridge, and finally put it into action at the end of 2012, putting on the four piers for wading. Rubber fender protection ring for 5,000-ton ships.