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How to measure the energy absorption of rubber fenders under different static and dynamic deformations
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-06-17

Jiangsu Anjin Rubber Co., Ltd. added equipment. The new type provides a rubber fender mechanical parameter testing device, which comprises a press, a displacement transmitter is arranged beside the column of the press, and a load transmitter is arranged on the chassis of the press, and the load transmitter is The upper plate is provided with a pressure plate, and the rubber fender to be tested is placed on the pressure plate; the output signals of the displacement transmitter and the load transmitter are input into the voltage/current conversion card of the computer through the cable, and the voltage signal is converted into a standard current signal. The signal is sent to the computer via an opto-isolated analog-to-digital conversion card. The utility model has the effect that the test device uses a displacement (WY-1500mm) differential transformer type displacement sensor to measure the rubber fender compression displacement, which has good static linearity, simple structure, reliable operation, frequency bandwidth, high sensitivity and time. The constant is small and so on. It can measure the static and dynamic of rubber fenders , the amount of energy absorbed under different deformations, and the high accuracy of data, which is of great significance for protecting port terminals and hulls.

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