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Rubber fender impact plate - rubber fender front with anti-shock steel frame
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-05-21

The distance and elevation of the rubber fenders are important. It is important to ensure that the vessel does not directly touch the quay wall at the most unfavorable berthing angle of the standard, and should ensure that the vessel can be safe under different tide levels and different draughts. The mooring has strong adaptability to the docking of vessels of different tonnages.

When selecting and resolving the rubber fenders for the first, second and third phases of the coal terminal, the mooring conditions for the safe operation of different types of tonnage vessels must be met. It actually reflects the requirements of the pier for wave protection.

Solid rubber fenders (non-floating) are anti-collision devices for dock vessels that have been used earlier and used on a large scale. According to the force of the rubber fender , it can be divided into shear type, rolling type and compression type. According to the structure of the fender, the solid rubber fender can be further divided into D type rubber fender , cone type, drum type, sector shape and rectangle. , Y-type rubber fenders, etc.

The front side of the rubber fender is provided with a steel frame, and then the surface pressure acting on the ship's raft is greatly reduced. The surface pressure can be up to 25 tons/m2 as required, which is especially suitable for berthing of large ships; The device PE is attached to the panel to reduce the friction coefficient and greatly reduce the berth shear force.