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Planning, design and construction of dock rubber fender equipment
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-05-07

The hand-cranked dock rubber fenders are hand-cut to prevent the vessel from being berthed or moored. The docks and boats that stop the boat are offensive to you. When the ship is berthing to the dock where the ship is parked, there is a large amount of electrical energy, and when it hits the dock where the ship is stopped, the performance is released. With regard to the flat boat, its offensive power is lower, the utility process item is also shorter, and the energy released is also very low. For larger ships, the dock that needs to stop the ship envisages that the person holding the position attaches importance to a mooring impact force. And the demand once attracted the remaining + 羭缕 fenders to prevent damage to the dock and the vessel.

The wooden fenders for medium-sized ships are the most widely used; it is important that some heavy-duty docks are also used: wood fenders are caused by the deformation of wood fibers, so that all crushing attracts + ,, but it The ability to attract + 羭缕 is very low. When high-energy impulses are present, wooden fenders are generally damaged due to the attraction of very large additional energy. Because of this, wood fenders are often conceived as easy-to-convert side-shoulder members. The earliest and most extensive method of increasing the energy of the wooden fenders is to install a series of extruded and deformed rubber members between the old wooden fenders and the docking structure. In practice, this kind of fenders has been widely used, but its ability to attract + is still not big enough.
Later, the large energy absorption + 羭缕 fender fragmentation induced the fragmentation of the gravity fender. The practice basis of the Department's fenders is the ability to change + theorem, that is, to change the power of the ship into potential energy by lengthening the fenders. However, gravity-type fenders cost a lot of money, and the amount of work required to support the reinforced construction of fragmented construction is also large. At the beginning of the 20th and 30th years, the steel fenders were widely used as steel-stretching springs as a component for attracting energy and sputum. Later, because they could arouse the interest of the people, they were attracted by high energy and did not need low-cost construction. Come and support it. The non-primary performance is that the components are easy to rust. As the rubber fenders have been stagnant, the steel springs have been replaced in a hurry and replaced with them.
The final rubber fender is a Leijin-type energy dissipating pad with high energy absorption + ,. Its working principle is to attract energy + 羭缕 by the rubber component on the steel pad. Although there were reciprocal energy-dissipating mats in the 60th period, there were large sums and rubber fenders that were reinforced by another high-priced, departmental energy-absorbing + high-rise and no need to be reinforced. Replaced.
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