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Preparation and properties of a new type of marine rubber fender polyurea coating
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-05-09

Rubber fenders are elastic mitigation devices used at the edge of a wharf or vessel. They are mainly used to reduce the impact of ships docking or vessels on ships, and to avoid or eliminate damage to ships and piers. Most of the fenders used in the market until now have been rubber fenders and polyurethane fenders. However, because seawater has been soaked in water for a long period of time, erosion, storms and tides, as well as UV mapping and alternating day and night temperature differences and salt spray backgrounds, the corrosion and aging problems of fenders are also getting worse every day, seriously jeopardizing their safety. And durability. Coating technology is a way to protect the protective material from being tight.

Polyurea is a high-performance elastomer, and its aromatic polyurea and common aliphatic polyurea have been widely used to prepare protective coatings with high weather resistance and chemical resistance. In this paper, a series of UV-resistant polyurea were prepared and studied. After FTIR, 1H-NMR, DSC, TGA, XRD, UV reference spectroscopy, mechanical properties and adhesion test, the relationship between performance and formulation according to prescription was investigated. The main results of the study are: a series of polyurea synthesized by a two-step method of prepolymerization and chain extension, using a sieve to select basic raw materials, according to prescription dispensing and process. E100, E300, IPDA were selected as the basic components of the diamine compounded by the chain extender, and D2000 was the reversing amino terminated polyether. It was confirmed that 1.05 is the preset characteristic mark value, the prepolymerization temperature is 10 ° C, and the solid content is 25 100% (wt%), and a suitable cultivation model using a release paper with a release paper, the solvent volatilization film formation process is 72 hours at room temperature, 60 °C oven for 3 hours, 0.1MPa vacuum oven 85 °C 1h, 110 ° C 3h.

A series of UV-resistant polyurea aryl group R-1, R-2 and aliphatic R-4 were synthesized by two-step method and characterized by 1H NMR. The results showed that the product conformed to the preset structure. The adhesion was tested. The R-4 system was involved in the expansion of the chain because of the presence of m-phenylenediamine. The R-1 and R-2 had good adhesion. TGA and XRD and DSC tests show that R-1&R-2 has a thermal degradation temperature above 380 °C and is amorphous; R-2 thermal degradation temperature with higher hard segment content is about 15 °C lower than R-1; UV The participation of the light-draining agent can also increase the thermal degradation temperature by about 10 °C. The UV spectrum test showed that the R-2 with high hard segment content was more than the R-1 benzene ring, and the UV resistance was slightly worse. The ultraviolet light resistance of the UV327 energy absorption agent was about 1 times. The solvent resistance test shows that the aromatic fragrant polyurea sample can resist seawater and alkali liquor for a long time, but is not resistant to hydrophobic water and organic solvents.

The mechanics and aging tests show that R-2 meets the requirements of the chemical industry standard HG/T 2866-2003 for the fendering compound, while the R-1 has only one tensile strength that does not meet the standard, and the analysis is the hard segment content. too little. Comprehensive test results, according to the prescription dispensing number R-2 polyurea performance meets the requirements of HG/T 2866-2003 standard for rubber compound, can be applied to rubber fender coating to achieve UV aging resistance, and Fine-tuning other devices that are widely used in ships according to prescription dispensing

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