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Drum-type rubber fenders have strong suitability for use in large and medium-sized wharfs and arches.
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-05-10

The drum type rubber fender has the advantages of large deformation distance, high unit reaction force absorption + 羭缕 high, and low variation of the tilting compression performance; the front edge of the fender is provided with an anti-shock plate, which can greatly reduce the surface pressure applied to the ship's seesaw; The PE veneer installed on the anti-shock plate can reduce the friction between the ship and the fender, and greatly reduce the shearing force when the ship is berthed. These unique places of drum rubber fenders make them suitable for use in the overall system of large and medium-sized wharfs and arches.

In the group operation system of the port, the overall system of terminal anti-shock is a guarantee for the operation of the port without encountering difficulties. As the main part of the dock anti-shock system, the rubber fender will directly affect the safety and efficient berthing of the ship. It bears the intermediary effect of the force transfer between the ship and the wharf structure.

When the vessel is berthed, the large impact force and the pressing force demand are alleviated by the rubber fender energy absorption, and then transmitted to the dock structure to prevent the dock structure from directly bearing the rigid load of the vessel, thus reducing the vessel berthing. The damage to the dock structure. However, with the progress of the river transportation industry, the tonnage of ships is increasing. The large level of utility force accompanying the berthing of ships has put forward higher performance requirements for the rubber fender system. Some very strict berthing forms are also The safety application of the rubber fender system is tested. The safe and efficient use of the fender system is very urgently expected by both the Hong Kong side and the ship side, and it is also a guarantee of a higher terminal operating rate. At present, the premise of rubber fenders in China is that the specifications of early rubber fenders are higher than those of Cangtou. With the enlargement of ships and the lightening of wharf structures, the existing concept of rubber fenders is uncomfortable and should be widely used today. Rubber fenders. Aiming at the problems revealed during the actual use of rubber fenders , the implementation of its forces and office principles