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Types of marine rubber fenders and specific requirements for approximate performance
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-05-11

The variety and overall function of the rubber fender . The rubber fenders are not all mainly including rotary type, hydraulic type, shear type, charging type and compact type. The inner tightening type rubber fender is easy to construct, simple in manufacture and convenient in installation, etc. The widest category

The compact rubber fender can be subdivided into D-type rubber fenders according to the construction form, V-shaped, cylindrical, H-shaped, drum-type and type II. The D-type and the cylindrical type are the late category, and the V-type is 20 categories that emerged during the 100-year period in the 100s, a very large category. Type H, drum type and n type are new categories that have been aimed at widening heavy vessels in recent years.
The special property of the H-type, drum type and type II rubber fenders is that the products are large in size and are equipped with non-metals behind the rubber body, molecular compound plastics or wooden anti-shock plates, which are being opened on the open water. 4. Docks, pier-type docks and other heavy-duty docks are used more.
A large number of rubber fenders are all rubber products, but heavy fenders often have reinforcement layers. The joints with the shore walls are also strengthened by the steel plate. Therefore, the combination of steel inserts and rubber is one of the performances that must be disposed of properly.
With the stagnation of the intended vessel and the docking of the ship, the rubber fender function is getting higher and higher, the wrong energy is not high, the reaction force is low, and the pressure on the ship is small, and it is still in need of blood pollution. , wear resistance, resistance to fresh water corrosion and bond strength primary special properties.
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