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Development and design of GD rubber fender manufacturing equipment system
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-04-27

Development and design of large-scale GD rubber fender manufacturing equipment system Design and Fabrication for Equipment Molding Large Rubber Fenders; Document name: Development and design of large-scale GD rubber fender manufacturing equipment system.


Abstract: GD rubber fenders are large and super-large rubber parts. Due to their use characteristics, their performance is not only characterized by large size, but also due to high impact resistance and high density. These factors determine the special requirements for molding equipment or equipment during its production and processing. It also involves four major chemical equipment design and manufacturing fields, such as vulcanization molding of large rubber parts, design and manufacture of large tooling mold equipment, design and manufacture of mechatronics equipment, and design and manufacture of large-scale energy-saving equipment. This paper combines the manufacturing practice of large GD rubber fenders , develops and manufactures a complete GD rubber fender production line, including the molding vulcanization molding equipment system of the main molding system. The equipment has high vulcanization molding efficiency, low cost, obvious energy saving effect and stable production process. The large and super large fender products have excellent performance in analysis and detection, and have gained market share at home and abroad with high cost performance.

This paper describes the design and fabrication of the equipment and control system molding large rubber fenders. Large rubber fenders are large size and mass products, so that the molding equipment and control system are complex. There are several factors that affect the design and control. These include such as structure of high-pressure, control system of temperature and pressure machines, and the states of distribution temperature and stresses in fender and pressure structure.