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New processing technology for marine inflatable rubber fender
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-04-28

The drawbacks of the rubber fender -type water slides have turned into today's flexible and flexible launching technology, which has the advantages of labor saving, time saving, labor saving, provincial investment, flexibility, safety, and comprehensive economic benefits. Airbags and bone balloons are the main tools.

Supporting the vessel on the airbag, moving it from the repairing and manufacturing site to the water system or moving it from the water system, using the low-filling pressure of the airbag, the size of the large bearing plane or the surface of the object, and the unique place that is still easy to be boned after the big deformation. First, lift the vessel from the pier with a lifting airbag, idle on the bone balloon, and then drag the steel cable and the bone of the airbag, so that the boat does not slide into the water quickly, and Jiangsu Anjin Rubber Co., Ltd. improved. In the past, the folding vulcanization process has innovated the straight-through grading vulcanization process. This innovative reform has greatly exceeded the folding type in the use of rubber fender airbags, and the use is more convenient.

It is said to be a spectrograph, which can test the safety of the ship sailing at the port. It is a high-quality product that can use water and grow in traffic. It plays a great role in the ocean and mining. Not only can we learn from the impact energy of the ship + 羭缕, but also use the compressed air inside as a medium, which is very flexible. When the ground is in contact, there is a very large back pressure, and the pressure range of the receiving object is very low, so the experience of back pressure is very low. However, in the floating of the water, the rubber fender will not be affected by the tide, and it can be fixed with the ideal water mark.