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Y-type rubber fender promotes the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-04-09

Y-type rubber fenders China's current rubber fenders and other shipbuilding industries manufacture and produce various tools for the marine transportation and marine resources development industry. On the other hand, the shipbuilding industry is also one of the main providers of naval equipment in China. This industry has a fairly high strategic position.

Under the strong support of domestic policies, along with the improvement of the overall level of domestic manufacturing, China's Y-shaped rubber fenders and other shipbuilding industries have developed rapidly and achieved a high market position in international competition. After the financial crisis, the global demand for ships continued to be sluggish, the market demand structure changed, the demand for large container ships, lpg ships, and lng ships was strong, and the demand for bulk carriers and oil tankers was weak, while the supply pressure of bulk carriers and oil tankers was relatively weak. Big, oversupply expectations will exist for a long time, and ship prices will fall. The newly established and effective conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMI) have also placed higher demands on the production and operation of shipbuilding enterprises, and have increased the production costs of enterprises to some extent. In the face of the harsh market environment, the relevant departments successively issued industrial revitalization plans and a series of industrial stimulus policies aimed at improving the development environment of the ship industry and stimulating the demand for domestic Y-type rubber fenders to protect ships such as Y-type rubber fenders . The healthy and orderly development of the industry.
It is believed that national policy and national defense demand have formed a good support for the development of shipbuilding industry such as Y-type rubber fenders in China. After years of rapid development, China's shipbuilding industry has already had strong international competitiveness in terms of technical level and production scale, but The rising cost and appreciation of the renminbi have a certain negative impact on the industry's international competitiveness. The cyclical characteristics of the shipbuilding industry are obvious. Under the current low market demand and strict industry supervision, the industry's overall prosperity is low. The degree of competition in domestic enterprises is more distinct. The top ten shipbuilding companies have a large market share. The competition in the mid- to high-end shipbuilding market is relatively low, while the Y-type rubber fenders in the low-end shipbuilding market are highly competitive.