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Understand the characteristics of mesh tire rubber fenders
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-03-23

Today's rubber fenders are widely used in our lives, which brings great convenience to our lives. The use of rubber fenders in the water can make a good undulation effect. The ship uses rubber fenders to move and stop the ship. Anti-collision and anti-collision effect is good. The main material of the net tire rubber fender is rubber, so the quality of the rubber material is very important. What kind of characteristics does the use of such rubber fenders show? Qingdao Xincheng Rubber Products Co., Ltd. as a reliable net tire rubber fender manufacturer, our rubber fenders are of good quality, welcome to come and buy.

Understand the characteristics of mesh tire rubber fenders

1. The amount is large and the reaction force is small, so as to ensure that neither the hull nor the bank wall is damaged.

2, easy to install, portable to carry, in any ship, any water area is not affected by tides and ship size.

3. The resilience is good. After the product is stressed, the product will not be deformed due to the force. After the fender is squeezed, more than 95% of the release will be restored to the original shape after the force is applied.

4, the economic performance is good, compared with the year of the rubber fender , the price of the Bate fender is relatively low from the economic performance. reliable quality. From the procurement of raw materials, product orders, product production, and product inspection and delivery, Bate fenders have undergone layer-by-layer inspection to ensure their quality.

5, angle compensation, when the ship is docked, there must be a certain degree of arrogance. The inflatable fender can play its performance to achieve oblique contact and safety factor**.

Therefore, we have learned about the five characteristics of rubber fenders , large quantities, simple installation and good resilience. If you want to buy rubber fender products, come to Anjin Rubber. We have a variety of rubber products, marine inflatable rubber fenders and other products are very good quality, if you have this need, then take a look!