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Installation and use of bollard embedded parts
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-01-21

Bollard column embedded parts: special pre-embedded parts for ship port bollards , suitable for various equipment fixing, steel structure foundation embedded parts, street lamps, traffic signs, pumps, boiler installation, heavy equipment pre-buried and fixed.

Introduction to the installation and use of the bollard embedded parts:

1. One-time embedding method: When pouring concrete, embed the anchor bolts. When the tower is controlled by the overturning, the anchor bolt should adopt the one-time embedding method.

2. Reserved hole method: the equipment is in place, the hole is cleaned, the anchor bolt is placed in the hole, and the equipment is positioned and corrected, and then the non-shrinking fine stone concrete higher than the original foundation is used for watering, tamping and compacting. . The distance from the center of the anchor bolt to the edge of the foundation shall not be less than 4d (d is the diameter of the anchor bolt), and shall not be less than 150mm (not less than 100mm when d≤20), not less than half of the width of the anchor plate. Add 50mm. When the above requirements are not met, appropriate measures should be taken to strengthen them.

The diameter of the anchor bolts used for the structure should not be less than 20mm. When subjected to earthquakes, double-nuts should be used to fix the bollards or other measures to prevent loosening, but the anchor bolts should be anchored for 5 days longer than the non-seismic anchoring lengths.

Installation plan for anchor bolts

The loosening of the anchor bolts in the foundation may loosen the bolts when the anchor bolts are tightened. In this case, the bolts should be adjusted to the original position, and the foundation around the bolts should be scooped out enough and then welded on the bolts. Vertical and horizontal two U-shaped steel bars, and finally the water is cleaned and grouted in the pit. After the concrete is solidified to the design strength, the treatment method of the foot bolt deviation is tightened, which is roughly the same as the method of dead anchor bolts. It is only possible to pull out the anchor bolts. If the bolt is too long, a piece of thread can be cut on the machine tool; if the bolt is too short, it can be extended by hot forging; if the position is not consistent, the bollard is corrected by bending method.