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Inspection range after the inflation of marine rubber fenders
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-12-25

Search for the anchor bolts of the marine rubber fender body and the bolts of the anti-shock plate. If it is loose, after tightening, stabilize the stabilizing bolts and pads with spot welding.

There is no ratio of rubber elastic parts for searching for the anti-shock plate. If there is any ratio, it should be processed and changed in time.

Search for the rubber fender body of the inflatable ship. There is no evidence , and it is a phenomenon. If there is a deep disc, please negotiate with our company in time.

Search for anti-shock surface without scratches, crushing, etc., the panel should be changed in time.

Search for anti-flushing plate for dents, cracks, and falling feet. If the anti-shock plate has dents, cracks, or falling feet, it should be negotiated with our company to resist the rust of the anti-shock plate. Marine rubber fender anti-corrosion treatment.