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China DA type rubber fender SA type rubber fender leading brand good fenders Anjin made!
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2018-01-02

DA rubber fenders produced by Jiangsu Anjin Rubber Fender Company, also known as DA rubber fenders , are installed on docks or ships to absorb the collision energy between the ship and the wharf or the ship when docked or moored. Protect ships and docks from damage.

1. Cylindrical rubber fender features: low reaction force, small surface pressure and reasonable energy absorption;

When berthing, it is adaptable to the ship's roll and pitch, and is not affected by the size of the ship.

Easy to install and maintain, especially suitable for old-fashioned docks.

The main specifications are: Φ150, Φ200, Φ250, Φ300, Φ400, Φ500, Φ600, Φ700, Φ800, Φ900, Φ1000, Φ1200, Φ1500, Φ1600, Φ1700, Φ1800, Φ1900, Φ2000

2. Semi-circular (D-type) rubber fender features: moderate reaction force, high energy absorption compared with cylinder type;

Installation is more convenient to work;

Due to the small width of the bottom, it is especially suitable for framed docks and shipboard installations.

3, DO type rubber fender features: reaction force energy is higher than D type fender;

Installation strength and service life are greatly improved compared to D-type fenders;

Suitable for framed docks.

4. Arch type (V type) rubber fender features: moderate reaction force and high energy absorption;

The installation is firm and convenient;

Suitable for all types of terminals.

5. DA type rubber fender features: high absorption energy and low reaction force;

The product has higher stress dispersion and long service life;

The front end setting plate can reduce the surface pressure;

Various specifications and installation methods are diverse;

Easy to replace.

DA type rubber fender main specifications: DA300H, DA400H, DA500H, DA600H, DA800H, DA1000H.

6, drum type rubber fender features: low reaction force, large energy absorption;

The surface pressure is below 25 tons/m2;