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What is the impact of the sales price of rubber fenders in shopping malls?
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-12-09

When we buy rubber fenders , we will find that its price is not constant. What factors will affect the sales price of products in the mall?

First of all, the sales price of rubber fenders will be affected by the cost. Since we all know that the value of the product itself is the basis of the price of the product, in the practice of shopping mall activities, the price of the fender will be profitable. The tax and the three-part structure of the capital are formulated, and the component contains two parts. One is a fixed component and the other is a variable component. The price of the product is priced by the total cost, sometimes The state of the capital will be determined based on the company’s money and the uniform cost of the society.

Secondly, the sales price of the rubber fenders may also be determined by the demand situation of the products in the shopping mall. Since the supply condition of the products will affect the demand of the products, if the demand for the products in the shopping malls has now greatly exceeded If the quantity that the manufacturer can supply, then the price will be adjusted, so that there is a buffer between demand and supply. If the production exceeds the demand in the market, then the price will be in terms of price. Reduced some.

Therefore, the price changes and the output and the demand for shopping malls are closely related. If our company produces products, we must evaluate the demand situation of the product stores, so that they will not be affected in the process of operation. This also reminds our product manufacturers to produce the products. If you don't want to lose money in the situation of large demand in the shopping mall, you can adjust the rubber fender output to a lower level.