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What does the Y-type rubber fender show when it breaks and ages?
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-12-15

Anjin Rubber Company today describes the primary performance of Y-type rubber fender aging. In fact, Y-type rubber fenders have been widely used in the life of enterprises, especially those coastal areas that are closer to the seashore. Seeing it at a high frequency, in fact, regarding the Y-type rubber fender , it can play an irreplaceable important position for the shipbuilding industry of the whole country, especially in the maintenance, it is carried by its ship. Equipment. It is also indispensable for dock docking.

Regardless of whether it is transportation or not, the Y-type rubber fender can almost be used as an impact. Of course, this effect depends on the quality of the marine Y-type rubber fender . The phenomenon has further promoted its pace of renewal, perhaps this is the associated effect.
In fact, in many periods, 80% chose rubber as its most basic raw material. Because this material has better security in terms of elasticity, it can be maximized in future maintenance, but it is not difficult to avoid. It is the aging feature, which almost always follows the superiority of the back, gradually affecting the age of the boat.
This situation may be caused in the manufacturing process, perhaps in the use of the weekdays, the aging status caused by a variety of reasons, so that the Y-type rubber fender loses the most basic value, like discoloration, perhaps that kind of The condition of cracking is the most basic embodiment.