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Solid polyurethane floating rubber fenders are widely used in ports, offshore, and ship-by-boat operations.
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-30

Solid polyurethane floating fenders and foam fillingRubber Fender(ball) is a floating fender system that uses lightweight, highly resilient foam as a buffer medium, which is more excellent than inflatable fenders, and is widely used in ports, offshore, and ship-by-boat operations.


Helen products using environmentally friendly materials and a new type of polymer materials with adjustable high elastic modulus, the appearance of the recent development of a new spray polyurethane (Polyurea) elastomer technology, can effectively increase product flexibility and seawater corrosion resistance. Products can be used alone, but also with other protection products. With high strength, high elasticity, high adhesion and maximum penetration resistance, anti-aging performance.


Product Features: Polyurethane floating fender is also a type of compression fender, it is using polyurea material as the outer protective layer, using polyurethane material or plastic foaming body as buffer medium, and absorbing the impact energy of the ship through its compression deformation in the course of use, thus alleviating the damage to the wharf and the ship. The biggest characteristic of the polyurethane floating fender is the floating performance, which is not affected by the tidal range, the color is bright, can provide various colors according to the user request, the use process does not need to inflate, has the safety and the maintenance-free, compared with the inflatable fender The reverse force of the polyurethane floating fender is from small to large and extremely high in energy absorption. Suitable for open sea Wharf, Gravity type (pier type) wharf, special tidal range of the pier and the sea two ships to pick up ships, over the ship, such as use, the service life of up to 20-30 years, can be widely used in docks, docks, ship, and other places, is a replacement inflatable fender of the new


Scope of Use:

1 pier, Marine fender;

2) applicable to the gravity and wharf, especially the tidal range of large wharf use;

3 It is especially suitable for ship fender, and the floating fenders are more adaptable;

4) as a bridge pierRubber FenderTo protect the piers and ships from damage;

5 as the necessary spare parts for Wharf protective equipment, with flexible emergency function;

6) applicable to the use of special naval vessels berthing, to ensure berthing safety;

7 The use of super large floating fender can make the ship berthing water depth increase, to achieve the purpose of upgrading the terminal;

8) FloatingRubber FenderCan be used alone, or with other protective devices to form a protective system to protect the pier and ship safety.