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The quality of Y-type rubber fender directly affects the order efficiency of port stability
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-13

The construction and production of Qinhuangdao Coal Wharf in the international power port,Y-Type rubber fenderQuality has been restricting the use of production berths, disturbing the safety of wharf and ship pilot parking, affecting the timing of production vessel scheduling.Y-Type rubber fenderThe cause of the damage is not the occasional incident and operation problem, but has the deep theoretical origin, dealing with it first should be in the rubber Fender planning selection, raw material production up to analyze the best countermeasures. The Port Authority has held a number of seminars on this issue, and I intend toY-Type rubber fenderThe planning and application of internal and extension for deep discussion, in the new engineering study, further progress in Qin portY-Type rubber fenderQuality and selection of resolution plan awareness.

tb2jywmjh3il1jjszpfxxcruvxa_!! 3217311160.jpg in order to reduce the impact of the ship on the berthing dock, to prevent the terminal attack and the formation of a direct collision of ships and terminals damaged incidents, the wharf front need to set up the equipment. The ports of our country start to choose gradually in 1970Y-Type rubber fender+ at present, the choice of rubber fenders in international countries can be divided into five types: contraction type, inflatable type, shearing type, rotational type and water pressure type, the first two types of the selection of the most widely. Our country now chooses theY-Type rubber fenderMost of the domestic tightening fender, in the meantime, there are cylinder type, D-type, V-type, drum-type, floating-type and foam-rubber.

With the different type of wharf structure, Port Chinto devicesRubber FenderA total of 3,771, during which drum type 24, inflatable cap Type 59, D-Type 2,948, V-type 4,600, cylinder type 274 and floating type. The selection of Fender structure type depends on the ship type, wharf structure type and tidal and storm conditions.Y-Type rubber fenderWith a large suction energy, small resistance, wear-resistant, moth-resistant, simple installation, maintenance and other advantages, domestic and foreign fender has reached the degree of rubber, China's ports each year the total contribution of the fender can reach about 40 million yuan.

  Y-Type rubber fenderThe distance and elevation is very important, to ensure that vessels in the standard agreed to the most unlucky berthing point of view, you can not directly encounter the pier shore wall, and should ensure that vessels in different tidal levels, different drafts of the situation can safely berthing, for the different tonnage of the ship docking has a strong adaptability. In the selection and resolution of the $ord Fender Emplacement plan, it is necessary to satisfy the safety conditions of different types of tonnage vessels, which in fact reflect the requirements of the Wharf on the maintenance of the wave.Y-Type rubber fenderIt is the ship's energy-absorbing equipment, the resolution of the size of the ship's three-dimensional space exercise, no maintenance of the Half-open type of the Qin Port Coal Wharf, because of wind, wave, the role of the flow and the wharf azimuth difference, the harbor pool in the wavelet high long period wave influence. Can attack very big ships to hit the pier energy, this will be the selection of the fender has a good energy absorption characteristics. The high cumulative frequency is generally 4%. Foreign countries have selected useful wave height of 3%. Because the factors that affect the port's promise wave height are complicated, it is necessary to calculate the energy and the ship motion parameters caused by the collision between the waves, the waves and the oblique waves on the wharf. Coal Wharf First, $ord Engineering Wharf promised wave height and wind is according to transverse wave h4=1.0m, shun Wave 1. 5m, wind ≤ 6 level 10. When 8~13./, the attack force of the hull on the pier is through Fender to maintain the wharf structure and Hull safety. According to the calculation of the rolling cycle of different tonnage vessels, it is necessary to avoid the possibility of the ship hitting the pier and the wave resonance.Y-Type rubber fenderThe amount of deformation and its corresponding inverse force absorption energy. It reflects the promise of high wave, wind and water condition. The vessel's flow pressure is related to its flow pressure angle, the current and the wharf azimuth are close, at this time, the lateral effect is small, Fender force is smaller, but the impact of the waves on the ship's bad luck still exists, rubber fender The most unlucky force condition is in the transverse wave, high water level and ship ballast State combination. Coal terminals 35,000 to 50,000 dwt in the waves h=1. $number. 5m. The cycle is in 6-8 seconds and the heave of the ship is O. Around 5m, sideways in O. Around 2m, 2~3度 around, thenRubber FenderShould be able to accept a certain shear force, but the Qin port inflatable Fender Root attack cracks in the endless maritime incidents. To this end, this paper discusses the following procedures: The representative of the ship type and the speed of the determination; The calculation of useful berthing energy of ship type, the calculation of the counter force of the punching equipment to determine the type, placement and accessory equipment of the anti-punching equipment.