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Rubber Fender Import and export trade to promote the rapid development of Fender industry
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-30

Rubber FenderIndustry, the annual material consumption is very large. China is the largest importer of more than 70 rubber-importing countries and regions in Vietnam, and the status will continue to be maintained this year.


Reported that mainland China last year imported from Vietnam worth about 950 million U.S. dollars of rubber products, accounted for 56% of Vietnam's total rubber exports. Countries and regions such as South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan account for only 3% per 5%.


In addition, Vietnam's rubber exports to Western European countries such as Italy and Germany surged last year, by 38% and 14.7% respectively, from 2007. However, Vietnam's exports to the world's largest rubber market, the United States, declined by 20% a year. Vietnamese officials say the US auto industry is in trouble, leading to a reduction in demand for rubber. In addition, the quality of Vietnamese rubber products and the imperfect distribution system also led to a decline in exports to the United States.


The domestic rubber industry's derivatives in the world occupies an important position, rubber fender production technology in the world's leading position. Australia, most of Europe's coastal countries are imported from ChinaRubber FenderAs protective clothing for docks and boats.