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The main application category and application skill of rubber fender
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-30

Rubber FenderSome of the anchor bolts are designed to reflect the changing conditions, but they are often not ideal in practical application. The original design of the rubber fender is the repair and change of the easy anchorage bolts, but it cannot be changed in practice because of the rust of the iron and the deformation of the bolt, which affects the fixed quality of the rubber fender, and the formation of the rubber fender is scattered and broken.


IfRubber FenderThere are loose, out of position, scattered into the sea and other abnormal phenomena. The main reason for the formation of this phenomenon is the anchoring fender bolts or chains and other technical conditions are not good, or maintenance to keep up with the result. Fixed fender bolts, chains and other metal materials in the marine environment rust extremely fast, and not easy to change, the formation of rubber fender fixed bad, which will seriously affect the normal use of fender.


Rubber fenders are usually used in ships to ship to the dock to purchase, dock and other places; because of its self floating characteristics are particularly suitable for the high tide changes in the dock installation. The filler rubber fender is especially suitable for the application in harsh environment because of its advantages of maintenance-free and short-lived life. Floating typeRubber Fenderis a new type of fender equipped with solid rubber fender compared to the main characteristics of the contraction deformation, large suction, small reverse, self floating, easy device, etc.