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Brief discussion on regular maintenance and maintenance of DA type rubber fender
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-30

As a rubber fender device for large ships, such asDa Type Rubber FenderBecause the board is equipped with a small pressure plate, so compared with the traditional general-purpose rubber fender, the structure is complex, when the structure is damaged, it will not protect the safe docking of the ship, in order to make it safe for long-term use, we mustDa Type Rubber FenderThe system conducts periodic checks.


After the installation of the rubber Fender device, when the ship is docked initially, the first three vessels shall be inspected at each dock, and then checked once a month. Dock Rubber Fender Inspection Range:


1. Check the installationDa Type Rubber FenderThe body of the bottom foot bolts and fixed anti-punching plate bolts are loose, if there is loosening, tighten, the fixed bolts and the plate should be fixed by spot welding.


2. Check the rubber Fender body has no rupture, cut injury and other abnormal phenomenon.


3. Check the punching plate has no dents, cracks, corrosion phenomenon, if the anti-punching plate has sunken, cracking, corrosion phenomenon, in order to prevent the erosion of rust, as far as possible once a year of anti-corrosion treatment.


4. Check the anti-punching plate has no dumping, the material in the inside of the anti-punching plate is prone to lead forward tilt, so as far as possible to clear the inside of the plate.


5. Check the anti-punching plate surface has no scratches, pressure, such as bad, the panel should be replaced in a timely manner.


6. Check the installationDa Type Rubber FenderThe crack of concrete is tested and the cracks should be contacted with the Civil Engineering department.


7. Check whether the rubber elastic parts of the lifting plate are abnormal and should be treated and replaced in time if there is any abnormality.