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The method of fabric cord hanging in rubber fender production
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-30

Rubber FenderThe production of fabric cord hanging glue There are many ways, mainly can be divided into pressure stickers, stickers, rub these three kinds.

First from the adhesive, the glue is the process of pasting a particular thickness of the film onto the fabric by using the same roller with two rotational speeds in a calender. In the adhesive, the roller speed of the laminating must be the same, but the two rollers for the glue between the speed of no specific requirements, can be the same also can be different, and, there is a certain speed ratio, also conducive to the elimination of bubbles, so that the effect of better laminating. In the adhesive, the most commonly used is the three-roll calender and four-roll calender, three-roll calender each can be affixed to a surface, four-roll calender each can be affixed two sides.

Pressure stickers from the name, you can also see that this method and stickers are a certain point, the main difference is that there is a certain amount of plastic in the two glue roller, which is used to squeeze the glue into the cloth seam, which can increase the adhesion of the rubber, but also make the cord damaged easily.

Rub glue is also to squeeze the plastic material into the gap, the main use of the calender roller different speed ratio produced by the shear force and squeeze pressure, in general, the three rollers and four rolls on the calender. Generally, the speed ratio of the roller is controlled between the 1:1.3--1:1.5, although the greater the speed ratio, the larger the penetration force, the better the permeation of the adhesive material, but this method of textile material will be the greater the strength. Anjin Company specializes in productionU-Type Rubber fenderSUC Type Rubber FenderY-Type rubber fenderWelcome to call to buy!