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Type selection and application of bridge anti-collision rubber fender
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-30

Rubber FenderSince the introduction of China in the 80, has been for the port, wharf and some of the ships supporting the use, since the June 2007 Jiujiang Bridge in Guangdong was knocked down, Bridge pier collision has become an urgent development issues, some owners and large-scale design institute began to pay attention to the new special Bridge Anti-collision project, And the market also appeared in Jiangsu Jia Bo Rubber Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Bo and other professional anti-collision facilities to produce construction enterprises. As the main product of the anti-collision damping absorbing energy, the rubber fender has a single selection due to the previous emphasis on the wharf.

Bridge collision Compliance "three not bad",Rubber FenderThe selection is mainly based on navigation conditions, ship tonnage, water level speed, etc. to consider. At present, the use of more than the arch-type V-rubber fender, the fender has been a lot of use, the pier on a lot of densely packed, but because the fender suction can be small, easy to scratch the surface damage and easy to fall off, easy to aging. A long time has not been a protective role. Coupled with the low threshold of the product, many small workshops have low-cost jerry-building, some products even 3-5 years lightly touch on the broken into dust. In the form of a nominal.

Rotational typeRubber FenderThe stress of the pier is resolved by the large displacement. It is also a wise choice to use in some narrow navigable holes. However, due to the large cost of the product, a large number of use is unlikely.

Comprehensive above, can be very good to achieve anti-collision results, cost savings should be super arch (SA type, V-type second-generation products) combination typeRubber Fender, 2-5 rubber fenders (or even more) through the sharing of a anti-collision panel, anti-collision panel on the anchoring of UHMWPE board (that is, veneer board PE), the composition of the rubber Fender Anti-collision system can be a circle around the whole set. So there is no dead point in any impact. When the ship hits, the whole block of the bumper is subjected to theRubber FenderAbsorb energy. This type of composite anti-collision system has good effect and can withstand the impact of large ships. Low cost (substantial reduction in the number of fenders used and long service life.)