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Special rubber fender for shipbuilding industry why not acid and alkali
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-30

Rubber FenderIs the use of rubber polymer properties and high-strength fiber cloth vulcanization from an expandable, shrinkage of the different shape of the internal mold (is made of rubber and fiber reinforced layer vulcanization products, with high compressive strength, elasticity and tightness), filled with compressed air, the fender extension expansion to meet the design requirements of the section, The pressure of gas is determined according to the manufacturer's identification.

There are a lot of people wonder why can not oil that acid and alkali, always feel rubber products should be anti-corrosion, in fact, this reason also have to from the rubber fender material said. We all know that rubber fender is made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, as raw material, it belongs to organic matter, and oleic acid and alkali are the chances that they will have similar dissolution.Rubber Fenderwas dissolved.

Natural rubber and synthetic rubber are linear polymer soluble in good solvent, can be unlimited absorption of solvents until dissolved into homogeneous solution. SoRubber FenderBe sure not to put it with organic matter when you save it.

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