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The development of shipbuilding technology and the relationship between rubber fenders
Edit: Jiangsu Ahn Jin Rubber Co., Ltd.Date: 2017-11-30

The development of shipbuilding technology andRubber FenderRelationship: The development process of modern shipbuilding technology is by manual operation to mechanization, automate the process of moving forward. Since the 50 's, the hull construction has replaced the riveting by welding, which has improved the shipbuilding efficiency greatly by using the piecemeal bulk method used in the past for a long time. Because the hull structure and shape are more complex, Manual operation in the hull construction has always accounted for a large proportion.

The application of electronic calculation and numerical control technology of ship rubber fender is further changing the face of shipbuilding industry.

The electronic calculation of ship rubber fender is first used in mathematical lofting, and then digital input and graphics output CNC plotter, cnc cutting machine, CNC rib bending machine, CNC propeller machining machine tools and pipe machining machine tools. At the same time, electronic computing technology in the shipyard production management, planning, Material equipment supply and cost accounting has been gradually applied. In order to reduce the disconnection between design and production, a large-scale shipbuilding integrated numerical control system is developed, which includes the general information of ship design, production and management, and can coordinate the whole work process from design to production.

Therefore, to continue to expand the ship rubber fender computer in shipbuilding, is the modern development of shipbuilding technology, and further improve the degree of shipbuilding automation main direction.

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